Rehearsing comprehension of receiving money, disbursement, and budgeting report preparation before the conclusion of fiscal year 2022.

          On August 31, 2022, the Finance and Accounting Division held learning exchange activities to practice comprehension. Before closing the fiscal year 2022 account at Moklan Conference Room, 2nd floor, Administration Building, and via Zoom Cloud Meeting system, with 120 representatives from various agencies participating in such learning exchange events, the following objectives are to be achieved:

  1. Financial reporting, including that of academic funds and enterprise units, should be included in the schedule of various acts in receiving money and disbursing it in order to guarantee that the account closure process is accurate, thorough, and timely.
  2. Clarify the internal audit unit’s findings and observations so that the agency can understand them and find solutions to any problems that may have arisen during the audit.

3.Guidelines for money distribution from the school fund.

  1. Creating financial reports in the required format
  2. Purchasing/procurement in accordance with the parcel section’s rules.
  3. Respond to a large number of inquiries.

The finance and accounting section would like to thank everyone who took part in the learning exchange activities in this regard and direct all organizations to begin preparing the Fiscal Year 2022 disbursement budget utilization report. achieved success in every aspect