Learning exchange activities and practicing the completion of disbursements and other tasks before the fiscal year’s end

The Finance and Accounting Division organized learning exchange activities on August 29, 2023, at Khao Luang Conference Room, 2nd floor, Cooperative Education Building, and via Zoom Cloud Meeting System to practice understanding before closing the account for the fiscal year 2023 regarding receipt, disbursement, budget utilization, and report preparation, with 120 representatives from various agencies participating.             The following goals are achieved by such learning exchange activities:
  1. Announce the timetable for the money-related processes, including budgeting and the creation of financial reports. including the money held by businesses and educational organizations. to successfully, totally, and on schedule complete the accounting closure process for the fiscal year 2023.
  2. A notification of updated rules and announcements for the fiscal year 2023
  3. An explanation of the results Purchase case
  4. Clarification of general disbursement findings and advance payment for borrowing and returning
  5. Clarification of overtime payment reimbursement findings
  6. Respond to numerous inquiries.